All our fitness classes run for 50 minutes in our studio at East St Kilda, Melbourne, with a maximum class size of 14 people there is no overcrowding, just a positive environment where you can get your sweat on!! All fitness classes vary so your body gets the benefits of new challenging workouts – there is no boring repetition here.

Click onto our timetable and register online for the fitness classes you want to attend each week at our studio in East St Kilda, Melbourne– we’ll receive an email notification that you’ll be coming along and the online timetable will mark out a spot for you – it’s too cool.

The Kick p.t studio in East St Kilda, Melbourne, has all the equipment you need for the fitness classes we run, so all you need to do is turn up with your game face on...



Utilising a kick stick (freestanding punching bag) you are lead through a cardio kickboxing fitness class of high intensity kicking, punching and recovery (classic interval training). Not only do your lungs get a work out so to do your arms, butt and legs. Best of all this fitness class is suitable for all fitness levels, you go at your own pace and your trainers can modify moves to suit your fitness level and skills. See our classes in action.

Each class will differ to incorporate circuit activities such as suspension training, fit balls, tackle bags and resistance training. These cardio classes will improve all aspects of your health, you'll see improved cardio, strength, muscle tone, co ordination and weight loss. It delivers to you all of the benefits kickboxing can offer in one class!



Personal Training sessions are a great way to receive that extra attention in your workouts.

Personal Training sessions also allow you to dictate specific goals which we will work towards together.

Personal Training sessions can be booked at almost any time during the day and offer the full use of our great facilities at the Kick p.t studio and those of Chapel Fitness in East St Kilda, Melbourne.


Choosing from 30 or 45 minute sessions, you tell us what you want, we sort you out.


30 minute and 45 minute sessions available for small groups of two to four participants, great if you want the attention of personal training but want to share the costs with a mate, training with a friend also adds a competitive edge.


These are arranged by previous consultation and can be designed specifically for your needs whether they be a fun run, sporting team in preseason training or a work group with the common aim of shedding some kilos.



$20 donation to Domestic violence resource centre victoria (dvrcv)

The principle behind these workshops is to offer women a quick, effective skill set to protect themselves in situations of physical confrontation. We stress that we are not teaching women to fight, rather we wish to teach you how to use leverage in order to create a level playing field, which can give you a greater chance at survival. Women have the right to feel safe in their homes and on the streets. Violence is never the answer, but until those who perpetrate these crimes wise up we intend to empower women, and educate men.

The workshops are held on the last Saturday of each month. A $20 donation to DVRCV would be preferred, however any amount is acceptable.

To donate, please click here.

If you think someone you know maybe a victim of domestic violence, click here for the DVRCV website, a list of services is in a link at the bottom of that landing page